Hosted Solutions

We offer simple, hosted solutions.
Our package allows you to install up to 2 cameras within your property, all data is recorded within our secure recording facility.

We can a) visit your property, install the camera and configure all the components for recording at our secure recording facility or b) we can simply post the pre configured camera to you, setup a simple remote help session to configure your router and we're done.
All recordings are kept for 1 week by default and can be kept for up to 1 month on request (available once per year).

In addition to all your data being held in our secure recording facility we also offer the ability to view your camera from anywhere in the world using our easy to use viewing facility, this can be done from any internet enabled pc or most mobile telephones*.
* May require software install on mobile device

In case of fire, burglary, no hardware failures, continuous monitoring, easy remote viewing, low monthly fee, no upfront costs, one free data retrieval (30 each there after)

Please contact us for further information.

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