Our Services

IP, Wireless, IT and CCTV
CCTVWatch are proficient at integrating IP, Wireless, IT and CCTV technologies.  This provides for a stable CCTV solution to build on, and also enables CCTVWatch to offer intelligent wireless and cabled solutions over and beyond the limitations of current CCTV.  By using technologies not widely available in the Channel Islands we can maximise our clients capital outlay, and we rise to the challenge every time. 

Offsite Data Storage
CCTVWatch can offer an exclusive FTP service which will enable each camera to upload to our secure servers.  Depending on the chosen camera and internet connectivity, this is done by processing images each time motion occurs and hence creating a sequential event log of any activity, data is stored in our off-site secure location.

CCTVWatch bring “Hire CCTV” to the Channel Islands.  This cost effective solution requires no capital expenditure and is available for short and long-term contracts.

CCTVWatch offer consultancy services, lighting the way toward IP CCTV and enabling our clients to maximise their capital expenditure.